i'm Canadian, nobody does that
how i've come to enjoy watching (usually) a bunch of grown men chase a piece of rubber while on skates is beyond me.

gifs used here do not belong to me.
their creators are awesome people and to them: thanks from the bottom of my heart.

and if you didn't get the memo, i used to be berntheboats.
has anyone checked you?


Photos of James Reimer [82/100]

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stanley spotted next to the quesadilla makers

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happy birthday nathan mackinnon! (b. sep 1, 1995)

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HBO 24/7: The Goalies

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dj nikita scherbak [x]

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♫ I just took a trip to hockey heaven
They turned it up way past eleven
My face just melted and my heart did too
Not gonna lie, I can’t ever quit you
NHL 15 you got me all twisted up
Dang, just like I won the cup 

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