i'm Canadian, nobody does that
how i've come to enjoy watching (usually) a bunch of grown men chase a piece of rubber while on skates is beyond me.

gifs used here do not belong to me.
their creators are awesome people and to them: thanks from the bottom of my heart.

and if you didn't get the memo, i used to be berntheboats.
has anyone checked you?


sheaweberway askedteam canada women’s hockey or team usa women’s hockey

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The 3rd one gives me goosebumps, you go JVR!

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shade edition

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I love that they took this pic in front of Lupul’s stall.

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Team Canada (Vancouver 2010): “…the most talented roster in the tournament” [x]

Bergeron struggles to get off the bench
Toews gives Staal a head-five 
Richards and Perry can’t decide between a hug or a bump

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do u ever just look at ur blog and ask urself what wrong turn u took to end up spending ur life crying about a bunch of stupid white boys

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hockey is our game - inspired from x

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William Nylander

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From Rich Clune’s “no filter” blog

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